Baby Food Diet For 0 To 6 Months Old babby By Healthy Food Triangle

Baby Food Diet For 0 To 6 Months Old Baby By Healthy Food Triangle

When you take a new born baby in your hand, you probably will not believe that the weight of that baby will increase three times in a year. During this period, the growth of the baby is very fast. The weight of a strong child was three times the weight of the birth in 5 months. Every parent wants his child to be healthy and well-being. The habit of proper eating makes the original fortune, And you also get the benefit of its health.

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0 to 6 months old Baby Food Diet

In the first 6 months only the mother's milk is the best diet of the baby. After birth, the baby does not have to provide water, honey etc. Because of the fast growth of baby in the first year, its calorie needs are very high. During the first six months, the baby needs 120 calories for every kilo weight. The food requirements that he needs are as follows.

Age 0-6 months
Energy (calories/k.g.)
Protein (gram/k.g.)
Calcium (m.g.)
Vitamin A (ma.g.)
Vitamin B1 (ma.l.)
Vitamin B2 (ma.g./l.)
Vitamin C (m.g.)
Folic acid (ma.g.)
Weight (k.g)

  • k.g. – Kilo Gram
  • m.g. – Milli Gram
  • ma.g. – Micro Gram

All the baby's first 6 months of needs are met from the mother's milk. There is a lot of misconception in society that the mother should not feed the initial chaotic or colostrum baby. In contrast, the colostrum is extremely healthy for the baby. Colostrum has low levels of fat (lactose) and lactose, and the amount of sodium, chlorine and zinc is high. These are useful for the body. In colostrum, protein is high. In addition, IgA is a component of antibodies and lactoferrin because these proteins are immunized. Therefore, it provides protection against diseases like baby goose, influenza.

1. From the mother's milk baby get all The needs of all food products also to the right proportions.

2. Mother's milk is easy to digest. On the other hand, buffalo milk is hard to digest.

3. The mother does not have any type of infections due to the mother's milk completely sterile.

4. The quantity of mother's milk protein is lesser than that of cow or buffaloes, which is easy to digest.

5. Healthy PUFA medicines in mother's milk are also very high.

6.  Calcium is very high in the above milk. This calcium supplements the kidneys on the baby's fragile kidneys. The calcium in the mother's milk is found in the right proportion.

7. Mother's milk contains IgA antibody lymphocytes that increase immunity. Also, many other immune systems are found. Such as phagocytes, lythoferine, lysozyem, lactoperacidase, and biophids factor.

8. Mothe's milk does not contain allergies. So the baby remains safe.

9. Mother's milk is economically affordable and the baby gets in the right temperature. The food grains and nutrients in them are suitable for early childhood growth.

10. Taurin is found in mother's milk. Which is low in cow's milk. Taurin is useful for the growth of the baby's brain.

11. The mother's milk should be stopped by the doctor's advice.

12. For some reason the baby can not get the mother's milk ie,
  • If the mother has serious illness
  • If the mother's breast milk
  • If Mother is doing job or business.
  • If the mother is taking medicines for cancer, bromide or iodide-based drugs or thyroid medicines.

In such a situation, the use of cow's milk, goat milk or powdered milk purchased from the market is forced to use.

Comparison of different milk ingredients (In 100 ml Milk)


By observing above table we understand that gives the cow's milk to the baby is useful. As mentioned in the table, there is more protein in cow's and buffaloes milk than mother's milk. Therefore, If you want to give milk to the baby then you can drink 3 parts milk + 1 part water.

Because buffalo milk is high in Fertility, it is necessary to remove cream from milk. Also, because of low sugar in other milk you need to add sugar.

Since milk is high in digestion, Do not feed drink more milk immediately after feeding milk. Give milk again after 3-4 hours. To properly disinfect the top milk, it is necessary to heat well. If the infant is milk, then it is necessary to drink water with milk. Spoon should be used rather than bottle for milking. Because if the bottle is not properly sterilized, then there will be increases the risk of infections to baby. The cow's or buffalo's milk should be mixed with water to the baby. Because its nutritional value is more than the needs of the child, it can reach the bad health of the child.

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